Spray Tanning

Patch tests are not usually required for spray tans although if you have had a previous reaction to spray tan products or have particularly sensitive skin it may be adviseable to have a spray tan patch test 24 hours prior to your spray tan appointment.

Spray Tan Preparation

Our Guide To The Perfect Spray Tan


Achieving a beautiful sunless tan without mistakes is easy when your skin is properly prepared for the treatment. Your spray tanning appointment itself is quick and can be completed in as little as ten minutes which allows you the freedom to prep your skin to suit your schedule. Preparations can be done in advance and will smooth out the skin to give the best base for your spray tanning product.

 1. Buff away dry skin before treatment with a gentle natural exfoliator. This will make your tan last much longer by revealing new skin. 

 2. Wax at least 24 hours before treatment, ideally 48 hours before to allow the pores to close. 

3. Shave at least 24 hours before treatment and apply a rich moisturiser to replenish dry skin.

 4. Moisturise generously the day before, ideally overnight. This will prevent dryness and provide the perfect tanning base. 

 5. Rinse off any products, perfume, oils, moisturisers and make up before attending your spray tanning appointment. 

 6. Dark, loose cotton and jersey fabrics and dark underwear without tight waistbands are ideal to wear before and after your spray tan. Some of the guide colour can be easily removed by tight fitting clothing so it is best to keep clothing loose. 

 7. If you are new to spray tanning, a patch test before your treatment is always recommended to ensure the tanning formula is suitable for your skin. 

 8. Take some hair ties along with you if you have long hair to keep the back of your neck and shoulders free. 

 9. If you have to run any errands after your spray tan, you can take deodorant to apply afterwards once your tan has set. 

 10. Applying nail polish to fingers and toes will help to protect the nails from any discolouration from the tanning product. We recommend getting your nails done or painting them prior to your spray tan never afterwards on the same day.

Spray Tan Aftercare

Our Guide To The Perfect Long Lasting Spray Tan

1. It is recommended that you leave your tan on for a minimum of 8 hours. Most clients prefer to leave their spray tan on over night.

With the Exception of our Rapid Tan which you control.

*Rapid Tan Control wash off after 1-2 hours for light/medium wash off after 3-4 hours for medium wash off after 4+ hours for darker results.  

2.  Don't moisturise until after your first shower, which should be at least 8 hours after the spray tan session. This could interupt the setting process and result in a streaky uneven tan. 

3. Do not exfoliate for the first 7 days of your spray tan unless you are wanting to remove the Spray Tan in preparation for another.

4. Moisturise morning and night starting the day after your spray tan session, this guards against your new tan drying out and possibly rubbing off. Apply mouisturiser to your face and body using circular motions. Pat your skin dry after a bath or shower. Rubbing aggresively may rub off your tan. 

5. Don't exercise or sweat excessively  as this could have an influence on the development of your tan.

6. Don't swim on the day of your spray tan session. Chlorine will bleach the tan but it can also affect the immediate reaction of the spray tan solution. Additionally, chlorine and salt water may dry your skin out causing your tan to fade faster. 

7. Do avoid long hot baths and showers, these speed up exfoliation. 

8. Don't worry if you see colour washing off after your first shower as this is perfectly normal. This is the cosmetic bronzer washing off, revealing your beautiful tan. 

9.  Do make sure you use gentle shower products. Simple shower gel is a good example of a gentle product. Some soaps are very harsh and can take off the tan in patches. 

10. Don't forget to apply a SPF sunscreen in the sun to keep from burning. The spray tan solution has a very low SPF.